"Accountability is elevated awareness of what is happening and embodied attention to what is possible."
- Aminah Teachout

"Aminah is a breath of fresh air"

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What is Lifecare?

Lifecare is an approach to sustainable wellness and personal development that emphasizes daily habits, moongazing for mindfuness, seasonal wellbeing, and cultivating joy and positive legacy.   

"Lifecare is more than selfcare because it prioritizes taking care of our goals and our dreams.  In taking care of our hearts, not simply our brains and our bodies, we begin to integrate selfcare with our homes, workplaces and environment."   - Aminah Teachout 

What is MSSW?

Movement, Stillness & Sustainable Wellness are the foundations of my practice as a yoga instructor.

In MSSW Laboratory I celebrate selfcare themes and fill-in-the-blanks selfcare every month.

Have you filled in your blanks yet?  #joyfuljanuary #fearlessfebruary #mindfulmarch #aprilawareness #joyfuljune #justtryjuly #anticanceraugust #selfcareseptember #octobercare #nowvember #dreamydecember #alltogethernow #yoginisofinstagram #playmore2024

Every month is an opportunity to get better at being ourselves.

Joyful January is dedicated to growth mindset and specifying our desires. #joyfuljanuary
Fearless February is about positive affirmation and designing habits for our goals. #fearlessfebruary
Mindful March is focused on awareness, discipline and sustainable joy. #mindfulmarch

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