Hi, I'm Aminah.

"Accountability is elevated awareness of what is happening and embodied attention to what is possible."
- Aminah Teachout


  How do you cultivate joy? 

We find greater satisfaction in life when we make time to practice selfcare.  Some of the most effective tools for mindbody fitness are positive affirmation and heart-centered journaling.  

Use the printable fill-in-the-blank selfcare calendar below to #cultivatejoy and let's begin to shift desires into doing-its

#joyfuljune @aminahteachout [fill-in-the-blank selfcare].pdf

We find more joy in life when we are pursuing our heart's desires!  

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit...

Habits lubricate goals. 

Goals embody dreams.

Dreams come true.

How will you let joy find you today?

#joyfuljune #lifecare2023

Summary of 2023 Powerful Questions
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Frameworks for Mindbody Awareness and Mindbody Fitness

Empathicus & EmpathiKIDS Method blends yogic traditions with neuroscience and global culture to uplift sustainable wellness.  I hold space for games that promote yogic lifeskills, including positive communication and inclusive culture for ages 0 to 100. Let's make impossible things happen!

MSSW:  Movement, Stillness & Sustainable Wellness

As a certified coach, yoga instructor, and doula I work with individuals seeking optimal mental health and mindbody fitness, especially those managing chronic illness or mental health recovery, and anyone navigating major lifestyle changes for sustainable wellness.  I hold space for positive disruption, growth, and resilience. Now is the perfect time to get started! 

Mindbody Fitness

Lifecare 2023 ✨ is upon us!

Every month I focus on a selfcare theme and provide an accountability tool for the MSSW community.  This season, I invite you to elevate your selfcare and mindbody fitness with a 1:1 coaching session or with one of my awesome toolsMSSW online shop reopens November 2023. 

Let's make impossible things happen.

"Aminah is a breath of fresh air"

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