Hi! I'm Aminah.

"Accountability is elevated awareness of what is happening and embodied attention to what is possible."
- Aminah Teachout

Every month is an opportunity to get better at being ourselves.

October invites us to transform #habits and celebrate #change through #maturity and death.  

What's your #octobercare?

In the MSSW wellness laboratory this month, we take time to slow down and enjoy the changing of seasons.  

The 2023 rendition of Octobercare emphasizes the importance of meaning and mindfulness in our year's end practice.  

This month's powerful question is:

What habit will you make or break THIS MONTH to change your life next year?

Let's design for sustainable wellness together!   Please connect with me wherever you scroll and consider scheduling a Here&Now call today.  

We find more joy in life when we are pursuing our heart's desires!  

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit...

Habits lubricate goals.  

Goals embody dreams. 

Dreams come true. 


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Framework for Mindbody Awareness

Empathicus & EmpathiKIDS Method blends yogic traditions with neuroscience and global culture to uplift sustainable wellness. 

What Do I Do?  I hold space for games that promote yogic lifeskills, including positive communication and inclusive culture for ages 0 to 100. 

MSSW:  Movement, Stillness & Sustainable Wellness

As a certified coach, yoga instructor, and doula I work with individuals seeking optimal mindbody fitness.  

What Do I Do?  Through 1:1 and group sessions I hold space for positive disruption and intentional growth.  Often, this includes mindfulness activities, gentle movement, or breathing exercises in addition to conversation-based coaching and fill-in-the-blank journaling prompts.

Who do I work with?  My clients are often focusing on building resilience, designing for ease, or accomplishing a specific goal... Does this sound like you?  I serve entrepreneurs avoiding burn out, folks finding their way in the creative economy, people managing chronic illness and mental health recovery, folks seeking meaning and stability later in life, and folks making dreams come true.  MSSW uplifts everyone navigating a major lifestyle change for sustainable wellness. 

Let's make impossible things happen.

Thank you for being here and being you.