Hi, I'm Aminah!

There's a lot going on.

I get it.

It's so important that you remember, "it always seems impossible until it's done".

Do you know what Nelson Mandela, Alice in Wonderland and I have in common?

Passion for

impossible things.

I am a yogipreneur.

I stretch space and time.

I cultivate ease and longevity in my life and help others cultivate ease and longevity in theirs.

And "sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast" too.

In the same way that yoga helps our bodies stay strong and flexible, so does it empower systems and teams to orient towards sustainable wellness and human flourishing.

In my work, we apply principles of nature to explore alternative ways of being, and with that, paradigms shift and new possibilities emerge.

Will you dive deeper?

MSSW: Movement, Stillness & Sustainable Wellness

MSSW is a brand focused on selfcare tools and sustainable wellness. As a certified coach, yoga instructor, and doula I work with individuals of any age seeking optimal mental health and mindbody fitness, especially those managing chronic illness and anyone navigating lifestyle changes.

Empathicus Method: Frameworks for Awareness and Accountability

Empathicus Method blends yogic traditions with neuroscience and global culture to uplift sustainable wellness. As an innovator, researcher, writer, and speaker, I share practices and perspectives with groups and networks around the world. I hold space for games that promote yoga life skills, including mind-body fitness, positive thinking and inclusive culture.

Let's make impossible things happen.

Thank you for being here.

@aminahteachout 2022