Hi, I'm Aminah.

"Accountability is elevated awareness of what is happening and embodied attention to what is possible."
- Aminah Teachout

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Frameworks for Awareness and Accountability

Empathicus & EmpathiKIDS Method blends yogic traditions with neuroscience and global culture to uplift sustainable wellness.  Unlike anyone else, I hold space for games that promote yogic lifeskills, including mind-body fitness, positive communication and inclusive culture for ages 0 to 100.

MSSW:  Movement, Stillness & Sustainable Wellness

As a certified coach, yoga instructor, and doula I work with individuals seeking optimal mental health and mindbody fitness, especially those managing chronic illness or mental health recovery, and anyone navigating major lifestyle changes for sustainable wellness.  I hold space for positive disruption, growth, and resilience. Now is the perfect time to get started! 


The MSSW store is open and ✨ Lifecare 2023 ✨ is upon us!

Elevate your selfcare with a 1:1 coaching session or by getting&gifting one of my awesome workbooks

Let's make impossible things happen.

"Aminah is a breath of fresh air"

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